How to Choose the Right FBA Warehouse Location?
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How to Choose the Right FBA Warehouse Location?

Finding the right location for your warehouse is one of the most important decisions you will make as a business owner. Ignoring important factors such as product origin, accessibility to roads, and future expansion plans can delay your products’ arrival at your fulfillment center and hinder on-time deliveries to customers.

If you are planning to outsource to a fba service provider, one of the most important steps you can take to ensure success is to choose the right order fulfillment warehouse location. By strategically choosing your warehouse location, you can create the right setting for your fba service provider to help improve speed, accuracy, and shipping process.

Know the area where majority of your present customers are located.

Before you start comparing locations, you should first determine your customer base and determine where your customers are located. Following are important things to consider with respect to your customers’ location:

If your customer base location is centric, a warehouse should be in the heart of that location works well.

If you are losing numerous customers in a particular region, you may wish to choose a warehouse partner with multiple locations.

Decide whether you should have a single or multiple locations.

Sometimes it makes sense for a business to partner with a fba service that has multiple fulfillment center locations. Having multiple locations is great for businesses that ship a lot of orders to customers who are majorly located in two or more distinct geographical regions. Having different locations also makes sense if the products you ship are heavy in weight or expensive to ship.

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Know the traffic congestion

Traffic congestion and driver maneuverability are sometimes overlooked in favor of proximity and accessibility. Ideally, your FBA fulfillment center should be located in a low traffic area that can easily be accessed by delivery vehicles. As you consider potential locations for your fulfillment center, make sure that you consider the following tips:

Avoid areas where traffic is common

Find a location where trucks have space to maneuver and turn around. Order delivery speed is the main concern for customers. In addition to expecting fast delivery, customers expect their orders to be right and properly delivered.

Items delivered should match the products on their order form and quantities should be right. Ecommerce businesses often turn to fba service providers to help improve order accuracy and ensure that orders are delivered to the right shipping address.

With a professional FBA warehousing in Australia, you can help ensure that your distribution center becomes your business’s greatest asset.

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The key to success for your growing business is to choose right fulfillment warehouse location. Improve your sales and eliminate your storage and warehousing costs with FBA professionals. Contact us today to know more about our warehousing in Australia.