What Is Flat Rate Shipping? A Guide for Your E-commerce Success
What Is Flat Rate Shipping

What Is Flat Rate Shipping? A Guide for Your E-commerce Success

Shipping rates play an impactful role in your ecommerce business. Consumers prefer delivery options that are low in budget. Do you know what is flat rate shipping? Flat rate is a straightforward way for feasible delivery both for buyers and sellers. Moreover, it offers a fixed rate on every shipment saving suppliers a hefty sum.

The pricing criteria for dispatch depends on how many products the delivery box takes in. Suppliers can calculate shipping costs and manage their funds accordingly. Likewise, buyers can also track their orders from the order receipt.

This article covers everything about flat rate shipping, its advantages, and comparison with other shipping options. Keep reading for more.

What is Flat Rate Shipping?

Flat rate shipping is sending shipment at a fixed rate based on the product packaging. This is a game changer saving retailers from leaving money on the table. Regardless of weight, dimensions, and dispatch location, the shipping rate for every product will be flat.

It seems reassuring to many sellers, but there’s a catch. Flat rates are liable to maximum range of weight and dimension, but it’s still finite. As long as the package weighs less than 70 pounds, the cost for shipping will be flat. Before using flat rate shipping, vendors must check whether the package meets all the criterias.

Your fulfilment process can be more easygoing as flat rate shipping is economical. With no hidden charges and shipping taxes, it’ll cost per shipment rather than per unit.

Why Flat rate Shipping? Top Benefits for Online Retailers

After you know about what is flat rate shipping, we’ll move to why use flat rate shipping. The answer is the plethora of benefits it offers. We’ve listed some below.

1.     Transparency

Shipping costs are important to win customers’ trust. Flat rate shipping creates a transparent aura where the consumer feels assured of affordable and quality delivery. The fix rate policy  can turn your conversation into conversion.

2.     On – Time Delivery

With flat rate shipping, the delivery process becomes fast. Usually, it takes 1-3 business days to reach the dispatch location. Customers can track the shipment as the flat rate comes with insurance and tracking number on the order receipt. Based on how far away you are, the delivery may take more than 3 days.

3.     Budget – Friendly

It wouldn’t be wrong to say that flat rate shipping is a business – to- customer model. The pricing per shipment is fixed so buyers and sellers will not face any surcharges due to weight and volume. Vendors can easily calculate cost per shipment when they know how many products the shipping package can accommodate. Thus, it is a budget-friendly option for e-commerce businesses.

So, what is flat rate shipping australia. It means for a medium size package 240X190X120 mm under 5kg dispatched in Australia, the flat rate will be $41.60.

4.     Smart Fulfilment Solution

Order fulfilment is one of the major challenges for e-commerce business. But with flat rate shipping, suppliers will be at peace. The effortless order management method makes every dispatch simple and cost-effective. It will save you from paying any import duty or hidden charges. Sellers can save bundles and reinvest to escalate their business and assets.

What is flat rate shipping vs standard shipping? Online Shipping Options

If you’re an e-commerce business, then you must be familiar with various shipping options. The most common ones are flat rate and standard shipping. Don’t settle for less, choose wisely as the ball is in your court. Here’s a brief overview of flat rate vs. standard shipping.

SpecsFlat Rate ShippingStandard Shipping
Delivery TimeTakes 1-3 business days. Fixed time deliveries are available.Delivery between 3-7 business days. Emergency shipping services available.
Shipping PriceFlat rate per each shipment.Shipping rate based on weight, dimension, and size of products.
Location LimitLimited to specific shipping locations. May not cover some rural areas.No location limit for shipments. Convenient for international and remote shipping.
Package DimensionsCovers only specific package dimensions. For example, boxes under 70 lbs are suitable for flat rate shipping.Parcel of any weight and dimension is suitable for shipping. No restrictions on product measurements.

That’s all about flat rate vs standard shipping. Another popular shipping method is free shipping. So, what is flat rate shipping vs free shipping? We’ll break it down for you.

Flat rate shipping means product delivery on fixed rates while in free shipping the customers do not have to pay for delivery charges.

So, what is the best amongst all? Visit OZ prep services and place your next shipment. Our attentive team will go the extra mile to deliver your products at affordable flat rates.

When to Use Flat Rate shipping? Shipping 101

Flat rate shipping may look convenient when you’re an e-commerce person. But don’t use it randomly as it’ll bust your profits down. Learn when to use flat rate shipping.

  • Product Specifications: If your shipping products are of the same weight, measurements, and size, then flat rate shipping is a reasonable option. What is flat rate shipping usps? For example, when sellers choose 12 1/2″ x 9 1/2″ padded flat rate envelope, the cost will be $10.40 as per USPS.
  • Dispatch Center: Choose flat rate shipping when you are making shipments from a single shipping venu. Thus, the delivery services will cost less, saving from all extra charges.
  • Business Volume: Your company size plays a key role in choosing the potential freight option. If you’re a large scale organisation with numerous consumers, then go for a flat rate. It’ll keep you away from the hassle of weighing packages and spending big bucks.

For example, when we look for what is flat rate shipping canada. The cost lies between $30 to $42.95 for 4 lbs – 20 lbs.


  1. Does flat rate shipping include insurance coverage?

Yes, flat rate shipping provides full insurance coverage. Sellers can file for claim in case of stolen, damaged and mislodge. Submit your evidence of insurance and product damage and the carrier will cover it.

  1. What is the delivery time in Flat rate shipping?

Delivery time in flat rate shipping is 1 -3 business days. However, it depends on the dispatch location. If the drop off venu lies far from the supply centre, the shipping may take longer than 3 days.

  1. How much is flat rate shipping?

Flat rate shipping cost starts from $8 to $30 or so. Rates are based on the box or the package size. By multiplying package width, length and height, and calculating cost per order, suppliers can easily calculate the rate.

Final Words

Wrapping up what is flat rate shipping discourse, it is true that fixed rates are a reliable choice for sellers shipping worldwide. When other shipping modes charge sellers based on product dimensions, flat rate is poles apart.

The pricing range is not only flat but also goes by per shipment. Customers will get shipping insurance in case of any damage. Thus, it is a win-win for the b2C system. If you own a retail store then look closely at the available shipping options.

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