How FBA PREP services work


You Ship

Choose any plan you need. We will contact you once the order is placed. Then, you can confidently ship your inventory directly to our warehouse.

We Prep

We receive your shipment, inspect, count your quantities and send you a verified file to upload to Amazon to create your shipping plan. Then, we prep your merchandise, print your FNSKU, upload box content and print shipping labels.


Generally within 24-48 hours of delivery, your shipment will be completely processed and shipped. You'll receive an email from us.

Our FBA Prep Services

Whether you are rocking online arbitrage, killing it with wholesale or private label, or just starting out, OZ FBA Prep Services has the best plan that suit your needs. From quality inspection, FNSKU labeling and product inserts to full packaging assembly and returns management, our Amazon FBA Prep Center can do it all for you! Contact us now to find out what we can do for your Amazon business.

Online/Retail Arbitrage services

Products sourced from online retailers.

WholeSale Services

Products sourced from Brand distributors and suppliers directly.

FBM Services

Store your inventory and ship orders directly to the buyer.


We store your inventory in our warehouse and also provide the best shipping services within Australia.

Bundling and Multipacking

We will get your inventory and pack it in pairs according to your instructions.

Inspection and Re-boxing

Once we receive your inventory, We will inspect it in terms of quantity and quality, Send you pictures, videos and report if requested on extra expense.

Brand And Category ungating

Every Brand/ Category ungating price is different you can visit our pricing page for all pricing details or contact us anytime.

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Your One Stop Shop for Amazon FBA Prep Service

If you have been selling on Amazon for a while no doubt you know the most difficult part of the entire process is the seemingly endless bagging, tagging and labeling that comes with the job.

Doing everything in-house is no longer the most efficient option. The demand is high, and customers are clamoring for more products. Our Amazon FBA Prep Center offers the support needed during scaling and growth. Boost your eCommerce business growth with us!

We know and understand what needs to be done in order to get your quality product ready for FBA and be compliant. Time is money and the longer your products are being held up in FBA prep process, the more sales you are missing out on.

We understand how important it is to get your prep work right and to do it quickly. We work to have every shipment fully inspected, prepared and inbound to Amazon’s FBA warehouse as fast as possible. Contact us for hassle-free Amazon FBA Prep Services in Australia.

Being your reliable Amazon FBA Prep Center, we make running your Amazon business simple and easy. Labelling and packing boxes to be shipped to Amazon is a time-consuming activity which takes away time which could be better spent in growing your business. We prep, pack and ship your top quality products to Amazon so you can focus on improving your business. We work with our clients to help them grow their business at a faster rate. Contact us today!

Make Your Products FBA Ready with Our Amazon FBA Prep Center

If you want to use fulfillment by Amazon, you need to make sure that your goods are FBA-ready. If your inventory isn’t FBA-compliant, you will end up forking out for extra fulfillment charges and have to deal with customer complaints. We check your items are in good condition and prepare or bundle them, so they are FBA ready. We provide customized fulfillment solutions. Contact us for hassle-free Amazon FBA Prep Service in Australia.

Our Amazon FBA Prep Service helps you avoid unexpected fees when getting your products handled by Amazon. We inspect your shipments thoroughly for packaging and labeling issues and make them right before dispatching your goods to FBA. We make running your Amazon business easy. Choose us as your trusted Amazon FBA Prep Service provider in Australia.

With our professional Amazon FBA Prep Center, you can rest assured that the preparing and shipment of your products is handled by professionals. We save you the bother of ensuring FBA compliance by making your shipments Amazon ready. Send your inventory today! Simply ship your products to us, and we will check it, label, prep and forward to Amazon. Say NO to Amazon penalties with our Amazon Prep Services in Australia.

Why Choose US?

We understand that fulfilling orders timely is more than just picking and packing. Order fulfillment is all about taking responsibility for the most important stage in the customers’ buying experience. As your trusted Amazon FBA Prep Service provider, we really appreciate that you choose us for such an important part of your business and strive to exceed your expectations.

Growing a business can be difficult, especially as your costs fluctuate. Our Amazon FBA Prep Center is transparent about your costs. With our professional Amazon FBA Prep Center, you can relax and focus on growing your business, knowing that your quality products are in the safe hands. No hidden fees and charges. Feel free to contact us today to know more about Amazon FBA Prep Service.

If you are not sure exactly what service you need, don’t worry. Our professionals will find the best options for you and answer any questions you have before moving forward. Call us at +61 2 9738 5252 today and feel the difference with our dedicated FBA prep services.