Once we receive your inventory, We will do re-boxing with quantity and quality inspection, Send you pictures, videos and report if requested on extra expense.

What we do in Quantity & Quality inspection:

Inspection: We check quality issues.
Bag & Tag: We ensure the proper bags and tags quality.
Inserts: We drop in manuals, marketing inserts, gift cards and much more.
Bundling: We combine items into bundles at affordable rates.
Custom Services: We get the job done at fair price. No prep is beyond us.

Becoming a FBA seller sounds very exciting but it also means lots of responsibilities that may overwhelm you. As an Amazon seller, you need to focus on sourcing and selling quality product that offers value to your customers and satisfies them in terms of both quality and cost.

Pre-shipment FBA Inspection

Our Amazon FBA Inspection is a pre-shipment inspection service that helps FBA sellers ensure that their shipment is not rejected by Amazon. FBA inspection is done when products are ready for shipment. Amazon has requirements that need to be followed. Our pre-shipment inspection service is the best way to ensure the quality of the products you are shipping.

Without ensuring the quality of the products you still sell on Amazon platform; but then you would have to struggle right from the very beginning. In case of missing small error, you might end up with low sales volume, negative reviews, and finally lot of return requests from your customers. This all lead to poor health of your account which effect your sales performance on Amazon.

Being your trusted FBA prep service provider in Australia, we will help you identify issues before products are packed and shipped out. Thus, it leads to fewer recalls and returns and helps you to improve not only sales but also better account health.

With our fast and efficient FBA Inspection service, you can ensure that all your products shipped to Amazon are accurate in case if you have different accessories we make sure it’s all in the pack so that your customers feel happy and satisfied with what they bought. Contact us today for hassle-free FBA Inspection service.

Save Your Time & Money with Our FBA Inspection Service

Our FBA inspection services help you avoid unexpected fees when getting your products handled by Amazon. Amazon FBA has strict rules and regulations concerning packing, labeling, and the shipment of products. These rules must be strictly adhered to, or it will be harmful to the seller’s ability to use the Amazon selling platform.

Products that are packed or labeled improperly, or not compliant, might get rejected by Amazon’s else you have to pay extra to Amazon for prep. This mean that product may return to the supplier/Seller and you must repeat the whole process and have to bear extra costs involved. We take care of all the hassles. With our professional FBA prep service, we ensure that all your packages are compliant and will be accepted by Amazon FBA without any issues.

Our experienced team of quality control professionals is experts in Amazon’s FBA standards and guidelines. We provide precise FBA inspections at every step of the process, from pre-production to inspecting the loading containers.

We can handle all of your prep while your inventory is at our warehouse saving you time and money. Ask us about applying FNSKU labels, poly bags, bundling, adding inserts. We can handle any request, just ask and we can get you a personalized quote. Feel free to contact us for dedicated FBA inspection service.

Our highly professional FBA inspections are comprehensive and cover FNSKU labels, Amazon shipping labels, pallet and carton size. Professional FBA inspection will ensure that you enjoy hassle-free selling on the Amazon platform. Book your FBA Inspection with us now. Enquire us today at info@ozprepservices.com to know more about our top-quality FBA Inspection service.