Reasons to Choose Professional Amazon FBA Prep Center

Reasons to Choose Professional Amazon FBA Prep Center

For many consumers, Amazon is the perfect place they choose when shopping online for a particular product, from home/office furniture to groceries to electronic products. Many brands choose to sell their quality products through the marketplace, often times in addition to their own ecommerce business store.

FBA offers several benefits including access to its large network of fulfillment centers, the Amazon Prime badge on the products, and return management. Amazon FBA isn’t the preferred choice for many ecommerce businesses because of its limitations and fulfillment charges. Here are some things you can do with Amazon FBA center that you can’t with FBA.

Inventory Management

Amazon’s fulfillment centers are not designed to be inventory storage facilities or long-term warehouses. Amazon penalizes sellers with a low inventory turnover or whose inventory is still in storage past a certain point in time, particularly during the holiday season. Inventory management is an essential part of your Amazon selling and shipping strategy, so being able to control and have insight into your inventory is important.

Amazon FBA Prep Center
Use Your Brand Name

When you use FBA service, Amazon will ship your products in Amazon-branded boxes. This means that Amazon’s branding is in front and center. You have no opportunity to create your brand experience through your shipping. It is worth keeping in mind, particularly if you want to improve your brand visibility and presence outside of Amazon or redirect customers to a separate ecommerce website for their future purchases.

Say NO to Extra Charges

Amazon FBA charges are high and variable. Outside of a seller fee, Amazon charges two main types of FBA charges: fulfillment fees and inventory storage fees. The FBA fulfillment fee includes the whole picking, packing, and shipping process for each order shipped. The FBA fees include storing your products in Amazon fulfillment centers. Both prices can vary depending on the several factors. Amazon also charges fees to penalize sellers for not following their strict packaging, FBA prep, and labeling guidelines.

Choosing Amazon FBA Prep Center that integrates with every platform you use allows you to view all of your inventory and orders in one place, making it simple to manage multichannel sales.

Choose Reliable Amazon FBA Prep Center

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