Common Mistakes that Amazon Seller Often Make

Common Mistakes that Amazon Seller Often Make

Amazon offers lot of opportunities for high ROI and a solid stream of revenue. However, selling on Amazon platform isn’t so easy. If you are new to your online business, you can expect a steep learning curve, which makes you susceptible to expensive mistakes.

If you are running a well-established business, even one silly mistake may end up destroying your huge profits for a whole quarter. Here are the mistakes to avoid on Amazon platform.

Not Following Rules

Amazon is very strict, and they can suspend any Amazon sellers they suspect aren’t following their rules. Unfortunately, their rules are also always changing, which means Amazon sellers must stay up-to-date on the latest rules to avoid their Amazon account suspensions. Getting suspended on Amazon platform costs you high revenue.

Not Optimizing Your Listings

With countless Amazon sellers, the competition for customers is hard. The shopper isn’t willing to scroll through different listings to buy a product they are looking for, which means you need to be one of the first to be seen in order to improve your sales. You must update your listings with professional photo shoots, detailed descriptions, and competitive pricing.

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Bulk Inventory

Some optimistic sellers order a large bulk of inventory without any proper demand planning. Sometimes it works out if there are sudden spikes in sales, and those sellers avoid going out of stock.

However, if you order in bulk and end up with slow-moving stock, you risk paying more to Amazon store products that you can’t sell. Amazon also imposes fees on products that sit in their FBA warehouses more than one year.

Running Low on Inventory

Many times, sellers wrongly estimate how much inventory they really need on a sales channel, and don’t send enough in or order enough from their suppliers. They end up selling out, losing their customers, huge dropping in Amazon search rankings, and missing their revenue until they can restock their items.

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