How to Prepare Your Products for Your Ecommerce Growth?

How to Prepare Your Products for Your Ecommerce Growth?

Whether you are dealing with your order fulfilment yourself or outsourcing to your order fulfilment partner, you will need a proper way of managing inventory. This will give you an idea about your fast selling products, fulfill orders in the fastest and cheapest way possible, and make sure you are not running out of any stock.

No matter what business size you are running, what item you sell or who you sell to – taking the time to set up your inventory properly right from the beginning will save you a lot of time and effort.

Stock Keeping Unit
The initial step regarding preparing and managing your inventory is to assign a stock keeping unit to all of your items. It is quite important to be able to identify your products quickly and easily, and you need a proper system to do this.

But stock keeping units aren’t one size fits all. SKUs should make sense for your business. So take your time to consider your business’ specific needs before you create your SKU system. A SKU must be a unique code consisting of letters and numbers that identify key characteristics about a product.
So, what next? Now you have the proper system for managing your inventory!

Barcodes enhance the efficiency and accuracy of tracing the location of your products from your supplier, to your warehouse, to your customers. Barcodes also allows for right stock levels to be pushed through to your shopping cart in real time, so that your customers aren’t ordering an item that you have run out of stock for.

FBA Prep Services

Setting up your stock keeping units and barcodes at initial levels in your journey will save you a lot of time and money in the long run. But it also means you should have the required infrastructure, advance technology and processes in place to support these systems.

Choosing a FBA prep service provider who is offering warehouse management system services and digital barcode scanners will ensure your business is at the forefront of eCommerce with comprehensive FBA Prep Services, and you can manage stockpile accuracy hassle-free.

FBA prep service professionals provide the perfect plan that suit your business needs. From quality inspection, FNSKU labeling and product inserts to full packaging assembly and returns management.

Hire FBA Prep Professionals in Australia
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