How To Find Wholesale Suppliers
How To Find Wholesale Suppliers

How To Find Wholesale Suppliers

Do you want to scale your business? Wholesale suppliers are inevitable for your retail business. From local to international markets, they work as a distributing unit for products. With a knack to win-or-bust your business, suppliers have become big wigs over the years. 

From costs to profits, and product prices, wholesalers control everything. There’s no cap if we say the middlemen are the main men, leading the consumer services, B2B and retail. 

Do you know how to find wholesale suppliers? It is indeed a daunting task when you’ve so many options around. No worries, as this article provides you a clear routeway on how to find the best wholesale supplier. Read on to multiply your profits. 

What are Wholesale Suppliers? 

Wholesale suppliers are the business vendors, selling products in bulk to retailers. They do not deal with customers directly. Instead, the wholesale business model works by buying mass volume from corporations at a lower cost than actual price. 

They keep the supply chain stable by selling products at low markup. In this way, the businesses can choose the suitable wholesalers for their products. Wholesalers provides a way over between manufacturers and retailers by buying, restocking, selling and delivering goods. 

Wholesale industry has run since the mediaeval era. Its influence surged over time. As of 2023, there are 408,000 wholesale distributors in the USA. During the year 2023, the wholesale market escalated to $49488.7 billion at 7.1% CAGR. 

How to find Wholesale Suppliers for your business? 

Are you struggling to find reputable vendors? We’ve listed the most effective ways to get the best wholesale suppliers. Scroll down for more.

1. Business Directories & Listing Sites

Where to find wholesale suppliers? This is a very common question for many new businesses. For that, visit business directories online. These B2B directories and marketplaces offer a list of vendors to the retailers. Usually, the business directories are free of cost and a few are paid. The listing sites use high-end sourcing tools and locate best wholesalers for buyers. 

Here are some of the best operating online directories offering premium wholesale suppliers. 

  • Alibaba: A B2B wholesale supplier directory perfect for beginner business retailers. 
  • Faire: An online wholesale supplier marketplace for independent retailers and brands with free return policy. 
  • DHgate: The largest cross-border wholesale marketplace providing a vendor rating system. 
  • Wholesale Central: A USA based Business-to-business directory offering prescreened vendors and free access to bonus features. 
  • EK Wholesale: An online business network for UK based retailers providing wholesale suppliers throughout europe. 

2. Find Referrals

Being a retailer, you can ask for referrals from the local business community. Find business gurus from your network, and ask for the best wholesalers. By all odds you’ll get the suitable supplier from the recommended ones. However, if you don’t find a reasonable supplier, approach other business networks in the town. 

These professional connections include;

  • Local Chamber of Commerce
  • Linkedin Groups
  • BNI 
  • Rotary Club International

3. Visit USITC DataWeb

Your business is based in the United States or involves freight, then you may think, how do I find wholesale suppliers in the US? US Custom Database is the right option to choose. Retailers will get info of wholesalers that deal in export and import to the US at supplier databases. 

The US Customs and Border Protection works closely with the Exporters and Importers Association to list down the best vendors. You will have free access to the suppliers’ data. 

4. Go To Trade Shows & Exhibitions

Browsing the best wholesale suppliers is good but no better than direct conversations. So, why not give a shot to trade shows and exhibitions. The attendees of these shows can meet the wholesale companies and suppliers in person. Trade shows also provide a clear insight of various products and deals to the buyers. 

Thus, attend the next B2B trade show near you and meet the best wholesalers. The must-visit trade shows include; 

  • Canton Fair
  • Global Sources Expo
  • Outdoor Retailer
  • NY Now

5. Check Popular Trade Publications

With social media platforms, finding the best supplier for your business is a piece of cake. You can directly search on google using wholesale related keywords. SERP will show local or international suppliers based on your query. 

Another way to get the right suppliers is by sifting info from Trading newsletters and magazines. You’ll find noteworthy trade advertisements via these publications. The supplier ads usually aim for your relevant niche and product. 

You can subscribe to as many newsletters and get updates on vendors. These publications cover beauty, retailing, apparel, pets and furniture businesses. 

6. Explore Best Dropshipping Wholesalers 

Another well workable method is using dropshipping suppliers. It is not only cost efficient, but minimalist and time saving. Through dropshipping, you’ll be free from the hassle of packaging, restocking and shipping. 

Your dropshipping wholesalers will handle the supplies from business manufacturers. The third party distributors use eCommerce software to introduce new brands, buy in bulk and sell without involving the end consumer. 

Browse the exceptional dropshipping supplier forums below. 

  • Printful
  • AliExpress dropshipping
  • Spocket
  • Doba
  • Inventory Source

Are you confused what suppliers will suit your business? Got any idea how to find wholesale suppliers for amazon fba? Try OZ Perp Services, to multiply your business 10-folds. 

Key Factors: What should be the Supplier Selection Criteria? 

You’ve found the best wholesaler, and ready to start your dealings. Hold on, there’s more to finding a supplier. Check what they will be offering if you choose their supply services. We’ve covered the key factors an ideal wholesaler must have. 

  • Experience in Industry: As you pick your next wholesaler, check for their reputation and experience. If the expertise matches your niche, hit them up.  
  • Minimum Order Quantity: Discuss with your supplier about the MOQs. If they offer reasonable quantity deals, then you can go on board with them. 
  • Magnitude: Your business growth depends on the magnitude of the wholesaler. Both for micro or macro retailers, the accurate size of the supply system is crucial. Small retailers may not require large wholesalers, but big businesses definitely do. 
  • Cost per Unit: Pricing plays an important role when you’re choosing suppliers. You can’t roll with vendors charging high for small supplies. Ask their quote for per unit supply on the dot and choose budget-friendly suppliers. 
  • Check Buyer Reviews: Another key factor before you settle with the supplier is to check their ratings. Customer reviews will give you exclusive exposure of their service quality and support. 

Do not settle for less as OZ Perp Service is the one-stop-shop for your all supply needs. We’ll provide a premium quality supplier team who’ll manage everything from labelling to inspection, re-boxing and supplying. 


  1. How to find the right supplier?

Visit business directories, trade shows, publications online and offline. Find the best wholesalers that match with your business in terms of size, quality and pricing. 

  1. What type of wholesale suppliers are available?

There are different types of wholesale suppliers. Most popular vendor types are service suppliers, tradespeople, producers and brokers. 

Bottom Line

There you’ve the best ways to solve the riddle of how to find wholesale suppliers for your products. As a retailer, it’ll be the keystone of your promising future. Discuss all business requisites before you make a deal. The suppliers have the ability to make-or-break your business, so choose wisely.

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